Saliha El Houssaini

British born, in 1974. Exhibitions include: The Threadneedle Prize, The London Group Open and Discerning Eye. Winner of  Shoosmiths Art Prize in 2013. Finalist in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2015. 


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Inspired by the mathematical science of geometry including aspects of Chaos Theory such as order and disorder. I am not a mathematician or a scientist, but I am deeply drawn to visually explore the theme broadly. The drawings reflect upon the symbiotic nature of our interconnected universe of natural and man-made systems; everything affects everything.  Inter-connectivity and progression are the threads woven throughout my work. My work is process led and evolves to a set of rules.  Exploring the notion of drawing through various mediums often leads to discovering new phenomena, leading me to question my own perception of reality such as ‘why is our visual understanding of depth fragmented?’ Serendipity is my driving force behind creating art.


Forthcoming Exhibitions


Past Exhibitions

  • 2018: ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

  • 2018: WAC Awards 2018, Wells Art Contemporary, Somerset

  • 2017: 25 and Counting, Panacea, Museum, Bedford

  • 2017: MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

  • 2016: ING Discerning Eye, London

  • 2015: Harrogate International Visual Arts Expo, represented by National Open Art Competition, North Yorkshire

  • 2015: The London Group Open, London

  • 2015: Finalist: The Aesthetica Art Prize, York St Mary’s gallery, York

  • 2015: Parallax Art  Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

  • 2015: TIAF London[The Independent Art Fair], London 

  • 2015: The Gallery at Ice, Windsor

  • 2015: Draw II, The London Group, London

  • 2015: Convergence, Espacio Gallery, London

  • 2014: The ING Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London

  • 2014: Material Matters, Espacio Gallery, London

  • 2013: The Affordable Art Fair, London

  • 2013: The Royal Society of marine Artists Open, The Mall Galleries, London

  • 2013: Pinpoint, One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden

  • 2013: A Brush with paint, Wycombe Museum, High Wycombe

  • 2013: It’s not all Black & White, The Gallery at Ice, Windsor

  • 2013: MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

  • 2013: London Group Centenary Open, The Cello Factory, London

  • 2013: Shoosmiths art prize, Mk Arts for Health, 6 month exhibition of 4 Indian ink drawings in Milton Keynes hospital 

  • 2012: 5th Base gallery, London

  • 2012: Threadneedle Prize exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

  • 2012: 53 Degrees North, The New School House Gallery, York

  • 2012: Showcase 2012, [solo exhibition], MK Gallery [project space], Milton Keynes,

  • 2012: Shaken Not Blurred, [exhibition by students] The Old Fire Station Gallery, Henley

  • 2011: Art in a box, One Church Street gallery, Great Missenden

  • 2011: Contemporary art fair, Rudolf Steiner School, Kings Langley

  • 2011: Volatility [solo exhibition; professional practice], Norden Farm Centre for the Arts Maidenhead 

  • 2011: Bucks Open Studios at Arts4every1, [group exhibition] High Wycombe





  • 2016, Shortlisted [not hung]: The National Open Art Competition, Chichester

  • 2015: Shortlisted [not hung]: The National Open Art Competition, Chichester

  • 2015: Finalist: The Aesthetica Art Prize, York St Mary’s gallery, York

  • 2014: shortlisted [not hung]The National Open Art Competition, Chichester

  • 2014: Shortlisted [not hung], The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London

  • 2013: Winner of Shoosmiths Art Prize, MK arts for Health, Milton Keynes